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Sowden SoftBrew Brewers


  • Innovative "SoftBrew" immersion brewers


  • English-born industrial designer George Sowden based in Milan, Italy was frustrated by the poor design and function of domestic coffee and tea makers - so he decided to invent and produce a new range himself


  • Laser etched micro-fine stainless steel immersion filters let the ground coffee or loose leaf tea extract gently without pressure, ensuring a soft and delicate extraction show-casing the unique subtlies of each individual coffee or tea origin


  • An exceptional range of styles and sizes to match any decor


  • All white OSKAR models

  • All black JOE models

  • Cream JAKOB models with timber lids

  • Matt black JAMES models with multiple lid colour


  • Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 cup sizes


  • Brewer bodies made from fine porcelain


  • Simple and elegant design, easy to use and easy to clean, with exceptional brew quality


  • Equally well suited for home or cafe and restaurant use


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