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Mahlkoenig Coffee Grinders


  • Made in Hamburg, Germany for over 80 years


  • Wide range of grinders to suit any grinding task


  • World famous for setting design trends in the specialty coffee industry for decades. Pioneered grind-on-demand espresso grinders and producing purpose-built grinders for different grinding applications


  • Vario model all-purpose home grinder for domestic applications


  • Kenia, Guatemala, K501 and VTA6 shop grinder models for various retail applications


  • Gua-Lab model for cupping labs


  • The phenomenal EK43 model for specialty coffee outlets wanting to take their coffee extraction and cup quality to a level unmatched by any other grinder on the market


  • K30 single and twin grind-on-demand premium espresso grinders


  • DK15 and DK27 industrial grinders (415V) for commercial production applications


  • Specialty grinders for non-coffee grinding: spices, pepper, grain, linseed, poppy seeds, etc​


  • Specialty grinding discs for different grinding applications


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