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Fetco Coffee Brewers


  • Made in Chicago, USA


  • Fetco was started by two true innovators in 1987 who left a rival brewer manufacturer, frustrated at the lack of brew quality being offered by filter coffee brewers at the time, and convinced that they could produce something better


  • Fetco pioneered no-heat brewed coffee storage, brewing into their thermally insulated Luxus range of coffee servers


  • Fetco also pioneered programmable filter coffee brewers, allowing unprecedented control over each of the individual variables associated with quality filter coffee brewing: water temp, brew volume, brew time, grind size, water to coffee ratio, pre-wetting, and pulse-brewing


  • Brewers are available in single and twin configurations, with brewer sizes from 2 to 24 litres. Each brewer allows multiple brew recipes


  • Portion control coffee grinders compliment the brewer range


  • Luxus thermal servers from 2 to 24 litres match the Fetco brewer range


  • Hot water dispensers round out the Fetco range​


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