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Diedrich CR Coffee Roasters


  • Premium range of industrial coffee roasting plants


  • CR25, CR50, CR70, CR140, CR210 and CR280 models


  • Custom models up to 490kg/batch available


  • Fan-forced pillow top infra-red gas burners "shine" heat on to the special carbon steel drum and heat exchangers, and provide clean hot air


  • The heat exchangers heat clean fresh air to provide the primary roasting medium - convective heat


  • The special carbon steel drum heats evenly and provides the secondary roasting medium - conductive heat


  • Individual control over the 100% modulating gas burners and the volume of air moving through the roasting drum allows unparalleled control over the roasting process throughout the entire roast cycle


  • Cleanest roasting environment on the market = cleanest cup taste


  • Highly customisable appearance and floorplan layouts


  • Optional Zenyth automation, loaders, destoners, afterburners, silos, blend mixers, transfer systems, weigh platforms, etc​


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