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Crown Pour-Over Brewers


  • Crown Industries based in Melbourne, Australia


  • Crown assemble and test all products in Melbourne, from local and imported components


  • Crown produce a wide range of stainless steel commercial catering and hospitality products


  • At AMCRS we stock and distribute their pour-over range of commercial hot water and coffee percolating urns, and pour-over glass jug and airpot filter coffee brewers


  • HW range of stainless steel adjustable hot water urns in 10, 20, 30 and 40 litre sizes


  • CM range of stainless steel coffee percolating urns in 36, 55 and 100 cup sizes, the most economical way to make bulk brewed coffee


  • UB288 pour-over glass jug filter coffee brewer supplied with two glass jugs and two in-built warmer hotplates. Additional glass jugs and seperate warmer hotplates available to increase brewed coffee holding capacity


  • UB289 pour-over airpot filter coffee brewer supplied with fill jug and 2.2L airpot. Additional airpots available to increase brewed coffee holding capacity


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