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Anfim Espresso Grinders


  • Made in Milan, Italy


  • Unique powerful slow-turning motors (700 rpm versus the usual 1400 rpm)produce cool and uniform ground coffee, perfect for espresso


  • Flat grinding discs work perfectly straight out of the box, and wear more evenly than conical burrs, particularly in grind-on-demand situations. Less wastage and longer life, and all at a lower cost compared to conical burrs


  • Anfim's robust ground coffee dosers are the envy of our competitors. Consistently accurate doses delivered squarely into the centre of the portafilter time after time


  • Grinding chamber and disc carriers all made from brass, and machined into place on each individual grinder. Ensures grinding discs are perfectly square, and allows a finer grind adjustment thread


  • Anfim's "Caimano" range of grinders are designed for low volume commercial applications. Available in traditional manual doser and electronic grind-on-demand versions


  • Anfim's "Super Caimano" range of grinders are designed for high volume commercial applications. Also available in manual doser and grind-on-demand versions, and a grind-on-demand with doser version. All Super Caimano models are fitted with cooling fans and long-life titanium discs


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